Vaginal Steaming — The New Xanax?

Hey, you. You're looking pretty stressed out today. Your deep breathing exercises aren't cutting it? Have you tried closing your eyes and thinking of the last place you felt calm? Oh, that didn't work either? Sounds like you might be a good candidate for a nice, soothing vaginal steaming.
As reported by PopSugar, the V-steam is apparently all the rage for those seeking new ways to calm the heck down. Does it work? Unclear. Are we totally intrigued? You bet we are.
This centuries-old Korean treatment is now (probably?) available at a salon near-ish you. So, in case you're dying to "perch over a bottomless pot of boiling water infused with herbs for about 20 to 45 minutes," while "either naked or wearing a poncho-like getup that does not breathe to maximize the steam's effect," don't you fret. We can all march our anxious vaginas to a Korean spa and work it out. What a relief.
The V-steam is gaining major... steam... since getting airtime on reality TV show Tia & Tamera (which we have yet to watch because we just know it can't be better than Sister, Sister). So, are you feeling inspired to detox your V next time you go for a facial? (PopSugar)
vaginal steam Photo: Via PopSugar

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