Want A Solid Outlook On Life? Spend 10 Minutes With Greta Gerwig

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If you haven't seen Frances Ha, pencil it into your calendar immediately. Greta Gerwig's performance is endearing, and has put her at the top of our list of actresses to watch. She's one of the women cracking the Hollywood glass ceiling, showing that it is indeed possible for a female to run things in a male dominated industry. ELLE UK was lucky enough to spend what we imagine to be a wonderful 10 minutes with the actress, and got to talking about everything from Russell Brand and personal style, to her love of photoshop.
"Airbrushing is awesome!", she said. "Even if you make terrible faces, they’ll figure it out." Or, they could, you know, remove your entire leg. Her love of photoshop stems from her fear of the red carpet (something we personally think she nails), and she freely admits to fangirling over Woody Allen while working on To Rome With Love.
We love seeing a woman who's strong in her opinions. She admits that she's tired of treating successful women in Hollywood as a phenomenon, and we have to agree with her on that. "The more it’s talked about, the less it becomes remarkable," she said. Too true! If we play it cool, and live in the world of successful women instead of constantly reveling in it, more and more women might find success. And who else but Greta Gerwig's footsteps should we follow? No one's — except for maybe Jennifer Lawrence's. (ELLE UK)
Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films.

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