Why Your Cat Could Be Killing You

Now, we here at R29 take our feline friends very seriously, so believe us when we say we don't take anti-cat stories lightly. But, this was one piece of news even we couldn't ignore. According to new research, our Lil Bubs and Grumpy Cats could actually make us seriously sick — and we're not just talking the sneezes and itchy eyes (what is it with summertime shedding?).
Instead, it's actually your cat's litter box that's causing the harm, and the reason is a microscopic organism called Toxoplasma gondii. The contaminant reproduces itself in cats, and they shed the germs when they ahem, do their business. The worst part? Toxoplasma gondii has been linked to birth defects, nervous system damage, and rheumatoid arthritis in humans, which can happen when we inhale or ingest our cat's erm, stuff.
But, there is good news with all this bathroom talk: Indoor-only cats are far less likely to pick up the toxin in the first place. So, as long as you keep your kitty safe and sound in your apartment, the only harm they'll cause you is the occasion hair ball or scratched furniture. (Scientific American)

Photographed by Eva K. Salvi

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