We Interviewed Behati Prinsloo And All We Could Do Was Gawk At Her Engagement Ring

Can you blame us? The model's engagement to Adam Levine has been the big celebrity romance news of the week, so when we sat down with her last night at a Victoria's Secret event, all of our witty questions went out the window when our magpie eyes settled on her stunning sparkler.
The event was in honor of VS's newest fragrance, Victoria. Prinsloo stars in the ads for the campaign, which feature her in a leather jacket, tiara, and not much else. The fragrance is the brand's biggest perfume release since Bombshell — it features notes of red berries, crème brulée, drizzled caramel, and what seems like every rose known to man (Victoria rose, English rose, rose canina, Bulgarian rose, English primrose).
While she wasn't answering questions about the engagement (can't really blame her for wanting to keep that life moment private), Prinsloo did open up to us about her summer beauty and style necessities. Read on to hear what the charming, gorgeous, happily engaged stunner had to say.

What are you wearing today?
"I'm wearing Blumarine. It's so short, it's basically a shirt."

Summer is on everyone's mind right now, because, well, it's kind of hard to ignore this heat. How do you keep yourself looking so amazing when it's a billion degrees out?
"Well, I have my Colleen, my makeup artist over there who's keeping everything happening. But, sunblock and drinking tons of water."

What level SPF do you go for? Are you a fanatic or really lax?
"I do 50+ for my face, and on my body I'll do, like, 30 or 20."

Any other beauty products to beat the heat?
"I love rosewater spray — I have one in my bag right now because it's just so good. Jurlique has a really good one, but the bottle is so heavy. So, there's this one from Ricky's in a pink bottle — everybody uses it but I don't remember the name. That one is really good and light. I love coconut butter for a moisturizer, but when it's so hot any cream is just melting off of you. That's why I like the rosewater spray."

What about your hair?
"Some surf spray and some argan oil or Moroccanoil — my hair is a little bleached, and it's always being combed and blow-dried, so it's nice to get some life back into it. Also, dry shampoo."


What about your clothes? You're in an industry where it's your job to wear a minimal amount of clothing, but you can't exactly prance around in your underwear on the street. Well, you are wearing a shirt for a dress..."
"(Laughing) I know, I am wearing a shirt for a dress. I stick to cut-off jean shorts and a little tank top — that's my go-to. Or, a little dress because it's flowy, and you don't feel like you are dying, even though we all are dying in this heat."

Preach, sister. So, let's talk a bit about this new fragrance. What's so great about it, from your perspective?
"It's the biggest fragrance launch Victoria's Secret has done, and I'm just really honored to be a part of it. They called me up, and were like, 'Listen, we're gonna throw a leather jacket on you. We want you to be you. And, this is your fragrance.' It smells really good — really subtle and feminine. It's got crème brûlée in it, roses, and red cherry. It's something that I would wear everyday, and I'm not a huge perfume person. I don't like to be covered in it. I like how subtle and beautiful it is."

Ah, okay, we're being told this is our last question. What's on your summer reading list?
"Well, I wanted to read The Great Gatsby because I didn't want to watch the movie before I read the book. I heard, well, the book is always better. So, I'm gonna do that first."

Victoria's Secret Victoria, $52, available at Victoria's Secret.

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