Strut Your Stuff: A Modeling Scout Dishes On How To Get Your Big Break

For every one supermodel today there's dozens of others trying to make it in the industry. It's really anyone's guess as to who lands the glossies, and who's left dreaming. There isn't some magical model button that the fashion gods press to pop out the Cara Delevingnes and Jourdan Dunns of the industry. These girls get scouted. They stood out from the crowd, shined brighter than the others on the street, and caught the eye of the tastemakers. You can perfect your pout and broken-hinged arm pose all you want, but those do not a career guarantee.
Luckily for all you aspiring models, ELLE interviewed Anthony Gordon, scouting director at Premier Model Management and found out exactly what his company looks for when prowling the streets for fashion's next big thing (hint: it's not just the pretty, skinny girls).
Aside from the typical features like good hair and skin, "A good scout also looks for someone who stands out from the crowd," Gordon explained. "This could be an unusual face, a charismatic personality, or something that inspires other people to want to be around them. Those people are more than models. They are muses." He suggests hanging around malls, but know the facts first — there are many fake scouts out there who are more interested in stealing your money. Gordon stresses that you ask them questions, get their business cards, and Google the heck out of them. And who knows! These tips could potentially bring out the mini-Kate Moss you've subconsciously been repressing. Just remember to smize. (ELLE UK)

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