Sharknado Sequel Is Setting Its Jaws On NYC

Here is a real conversation that took place in our office today:

Editor 1: "Hey guys! Did you hear that the Sharknado sequel will take place in New York City?"
Editor 2: "That is so terrifying."
Editor 1: "Why? There are no sharks around here. What do you think they are going to do, fly them in from Maine?"

Of course, the sharks would actually fly themselves in from Maine by way of a tornado (hey, it is called Sharknado, guys), so the lack of giant, perpetually hungry Great Whites around Long Island is a moot point. For the New York-based follow-up to the incredibly bad but so good SyFy movie, the network is channeling their social media pull by literally asking people to help create the 'Nado's subtitle. Our suggest? Sharknado 2: It's Sharkin' Time. Wait! How about, Sharknado 2: Enter The Sharkness. One more: Sharknado 2: Shark Knight Rises. Okay, we're done now. (Gothamist)

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