How Ebony Williams Danced Her Way From Boston To Beyoncé

As much as we've tried to get Beyoncé's moves down, we've got nothin' on Ebony Williams. Not only has she performed in the Super Bowl with Beyoncé and danced backup for her "Single Ladies" video, but she's also appeared in videos for Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Ciara, and is a current member in the renowned Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet company.
Since the Beantown native has been dancing since the age of eight, you might think that it's the one thing she always wanted to do. But, as Williams explains, her childhood dreams were much different: "I wanted to be an interior designer. I definitely didn’t want to dance, although I enjoyed it very much. Too many people were trying to influence me to go in that direction, and I hated to be told what to do." Williams realized her ambitions as a dancer, however, and now it's the only thing she can think of doing. "I love performing, so I’d love to dance for as long as I can...Anytime I get to work with the younger generation, they always remind me to love it and enjoy every moment."
Williams' success and positive attitude are totally inspiring. Her mantra is, "I believe that everything you want, need, desire whether it’s a job, love or a home! It’s already yours, your name is on it and it’s just waiting for you to find it." You can check out the Cedar Lake Company's next performance, from July 24 to 26.

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