And Yet Another Juice Spot Hits Town…This Time In The Mission

Sure, it may seem like the juicing trend is hitting harder than ever right now (see our interactive juice map for proof), but in a state of overjoyed, berry-induced bliss, we welcome yet another awesome juice shop to the S.F. streets. Seriously, can one really ever have too many of these healthy havens? The answer to that is obviously…no. With a positive outlook on cold-pressed creations and nut milks, you won't be able to help but adore the peeps at Happy Moose Juice.
The name along with the company's tagline ("Organic Origins And Local Love") leads on that its founders and former roomies, Ryan Armistead and Pheobe Croxton, are ready to hand out smiles along with their crafty locally pressed beverages. Bringing together their perfectly blended backgrounds in business and nutrition, the duo has set out to create potions to fill you with locally grown goods that will detox your bod and enhance your health. In their own words, "Happy Moose Juice was an idea that transpired from a culmination of our shared passions for food and creativity."
With particularly catchy names like Refresh And So Clean (watermelon, cucumber, mint) and Kale Earnhardt (kale, spinach, green apple, celery, lemon), it's hard not to want to stack your bicycle basket sky high with these $5-$9 wonders, and do so you should!
In case you are wondering just where you can find these fresh swigs, look to lauded Mission resto Range to house all the offerings in a pop-up setting (peep the hours here). From cleansing sips to dessert replacements like chocolate or vanilla "moose" nut milks, you will be hard-pressed (get it?) to stay away from this spot. If you aren't in town and need your fix, a brand-spankin' new website has launched and it's ready to ship juice to your front door via Good Eggs. Sip, sip away!
Happy Moose Juice Pop-Up at Range, 842 Valencia Street (between 19th and 20th streets); 415-282-8283.

Photo: Courtesy of Happy Moose Juice

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