Breaking: This Corgi Knows The Key To The Best Summer, EVER

We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled cat-video browsing for a corgi. As much as we love our feline friends here at R29 (love might be putting it lightly), we aren't totally cat-biased, and this lil' fella is just too adorable not to share.
Meet Dexter — he's a corgi pup who's so excited about his first time in the pool that he tries to eat it. His earnest attempts tucker the fella out, but not enough to prevent him from standing back up and beginning to mercilessly chase his tail. Does Dexter prove to be the victor? Or does something else outside the camera frame pique his interest? Watch, giggle, and find out. Oh, and while you're at it, watch this corgi belly flop. Sorry we're not sorry.
Photo: Via YouTube.

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