This Is The Grossest Facial We’ve Ever Seen (And Yet, We’re So Intrigued!)

When it comes to beauty treatments, we tend to pride ourselves on our willingness to try just about anything. It was only a matter of time, of course, before a treatment came along that was so avant-garde that we actually shudder at the thought, silently grateful that we haven't been asked to try it out (yet). So, what is this treatment from Tokyo that has us drawing a firm boundary? Brace yourself: Snail facials.
No, we're not talking about a face mask with snail-slime ingredients. This treatment literally involves snails crawling across your face, bringing their secretions (which are said to reduce inflammation and increase moisture) with them. We're not ones to be horrified by these squishy little guys when we see them in nature (hey, it's their world) but the thought of them slowly sliming their way across our cheeks is actually what nightmares are made of. We give major props to the Telegraph reporter who tested this out on camera — she's certainly brave. Watch and see her snail facial journey (snacial?), and let us know what you think: Would you ever let a snail creep across your face, in the name of beauty? (The Huffington Post)

Photo: Via The Huffington Post

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