“Blurred Lines” Parody Videos Abound On The Internet

The video for Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines" has been the subject of much controversy of late. And you can see why — lyrics like "I know you wanna" and a bunch of nude girls dancing with fully-clothed men certainly invites a discussion about rape culture, gender roles, and everyday sexism. But one other thing has also been spawned from this eye-popping (and very NSFW) video: parodies. Many parodies. Many hilarious parodies. Check the above for reference, and then continue on. You're gonna like what you see.

Video/Photo: Via YouTube.

First and foremost, our absolute favorite, courtesy of College Humor. As a rule, comedians should note that exchanging nude girls with puppets is a surefire way to take your video from ethically questionable to entirely side-splitting.
Video: Courtesy of College Humor.

Who knew something so innocent as Full House could benefit from the inclusion of such a dirty, innuendo-filled song? And yet, somehow, it works.
Video: Via Z100.
This syncs up with the video so well, for a minute there, we were convinced this actually was the intro song to The Cosby Show and that Robin Thicke had simply been plagiarizing the whole time.
Video: Via YouTube.

And last but not least, Funny or Die turns the video on its head in a way that's both hilarious and revealing of the inherently sexist dynamics of the original.
Video: Courtesy of Funny or Die.

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