Take A Peek At Temescal Alley’s Coolest Addition, Book/Shop

Take a look around. Chances are, you’ll catch a flurry of people in a seemingly frozen stare, immersed in the glow of their e-books, tablets, or phones — it’s just the name of the game these days. But, in an age where devices and doodads are a dime a dozen, you’d better believe there is still a deep-rooted appreciation for tangible tomes.
Just ask bookworm extraordinaire Erik Heywood — since amassing a literary following in NYC, leading a popular string of pop-ups (including one at local favorite James Rowland), and manning a standout e-shop, Heywood has freshly swung open his Oakland-based brick-and-mortar, Book/Shop. Perched next to Doughnut Dolly in the charming Temescal Alley, the little light-laden bungalow houses an impressive rotating collection of vintage books, extremely rare magazines (a few of which Book/Shop is the only place in the U.S. to carry!), and other small treasures. What are you waiting for? Check out our tour and be sure to ogle this gem of a spot...IRL!
Book/Shop, 482D 49th Street (at Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; No phone.
Photographed by Ashley Batz