Care To Guess How Much We Shelled Out For The Royal Family Last Year?

U.K. taxpayers, do you know how much the Royal family cost you last year? Deep breath...£33.3 million pounds. Well, a Jubilee celebration doesn’t pay for itself now does it? Oh, and we also paid for the redevelopment of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kensington Palace apartment to the tune of £1 million pounds. Wow. Though, fear not, the couple did pay for the interior-decoration costs.
Now, please don’t think we are monarchy bashing, but that does seem like a lot of money. Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the Privy Purse explains, “It was a Diamond Jubilee year with masses of activity. We regard this as a pretty reasonable result.” Really, okay then, but apparently not everyone shares his view. Anti-monarchy campaigner Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, has responded to this news with the view that the Royal Family needs to pay their way, “The royals have got to be told: Enough is enough.”
What do you think? Should we help foot the bill for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s swanky new pad or should they fork up for it themselves? To the comments section with your thoughts. (The Metro)

Photo: Via The Metro.

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