Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrities List Puts Oprah At The Top For 2013

Some people are saying the results of Forbes' 2013 Most Powerful Celebrities list is proof we should never have doubted Oprah. But we beg to differ, mainly because we would never, ever dare to doubt her in the first place. She's built empire upon empire and is currently, according to Forbes, the world's only African-American billionaire. We've got nothing but respect.
Moving on, O regained the number-one spot after two years in second place, topping a very female-friendly list of the most influential (not to mention insanely wealthy) famous faces in the world right now. She's joined by Lady Gaga, who made $80 million in 2012 despite (or possibly because of?) being out of commission due to a hip injury for a good part of the year. Bey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Ellen DeGeneres all help round off the top ten. And as for the boys, Bieber, Roger Federer, Steven Spielberg, and Bon Jovi also nabbed prestigious spots on the list.
Aside from our joy at seeing so many women mentioned, one thing we find particularly compelling here is the implication for a growing trend in media and magazine publishing. Even top-tier titles like Vogue, which once relied almost entirely on Hollywood's leading ladies for sales, are seeing a fairly dramatic trend in favor of TV and music personalities. While two top-sellers, Miley Cyrus (not listed) and Kim Kardashian (coming in at 66), didn't gain top spots, the list as a whole certainly seems to lean in that direction, at least for women.
Click over to Forbes for the full run-down, including the net worth of everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Emma Stone. But, be prepared to have a rage attack when you realize Jennifer Lawrence is only at number 49. (Forbes)

Photo: Via Forbes.


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