Musician Insults Are Harsher Than You’d Expect

From the moment we begin to talk, we're taught it's better to keep our mouths shut than speak poorly about someone. Some people opt for the cordial route, while others live by the "if you don't have anything good to say about someone, sit next to me" attitude (obviously, we're all for the former). But we as humans have our opinions, we judge, and that's okay!
Celebrities are people, too, and obviously gossip and judge just like we do. The difference here is they have publicists to make sure whatever potential negative statement they make doesn't land on the front page of the morning paper. Sometimes, however, they slip and a headline claiming so-and-so called so-and-so's album a piece of crap is glaring at you while you sip your coffee.
The folks over at Flavorwire have compiled a best-of roundup of musicians insulting one another, and it's pretty harsh — like "OMG did they really say that?!" harsh. Try picturing Christina Aguilera saying this about Lady Gaga: "I'm not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don't know if it is a man or a woman." Or Elton John saying Madonna should be shot for lip-synching on a stage people paid good money to see (this actually happened). Critiquing one another isn't just for the paid critics, but somehow we think the professional ones would have worded these criticisms a little bit differently. (Flavorwire)

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