Urban Outfitters Forced To Nix Prescription-Drug-Themed Products

Urban Outfitters put too much tongue in their cheek when they released a line of prescription-drug-themed products, and are now feeling the after effects. Various groups have sent the company letters asking them to stop the production of items like syringe shot glassess and prescription drug bottle coffee mugs. Marsha Ford, president of the American Association of Poison Control Centers wrote the retailer, "Products such as these minimize the dangers of medicine abuse and misuse and are very dangerous." True, the medical imagery these products pull from have histories of misuse, but Urban Outfitter's whole shtick is satire.
"In the 20,000 products that comprise our assortment, there are styles that represent humor, satire, and hyperbole," Urban Outfitters said in a statement. From flasks that say "F%*@ My Liver" to an all-over pill pattern pullover, they're certainly not shying away from taboo subjects. Ironically, they even sell a T-shirt that says "Mugs not drugs."
The protesters make a good point. Items like these might not glorify the use and abuse of drugs, but they aren't necessarily saying they're bad, either. They're exaggerations of the reality they pulled inspiration from, which, in this case isn't the smartest thing considering the CDC's statistic that one person dies from an overdose every 19 minutes. On that note, Urban has agreed to stop production on certain products in their selection. Plus, who would want to take a shot out of a syringe and ruin your new $100 pre-faded floral dress, anyway? (CNN)

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

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