Girl Power: NASA's Newest Training Class Has More Women Than Ever

These days, it can seem like the movement for women's equality is constantly taking two steps backward for every great stride forward — between equal pay and abortion laws, progress (or the lack thereof) is downright frustrating. But, we've got to give major props to some seriously pioneering (literally!) ladies who have been selected for NASA's newest trainee class. The group of eight potential astronauts is made up of four women, the highest number since the program began over 50 years ago. And, to top it off, two of the would-be space explorers are the youngest candidates ever selected.
The group of women — made up of a Marine, a Harvard professor, a station chief at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and a major in the U.S. Army — are set to start a grueling two-year training program, in which they'll be put through physical and mental tests to prepare for a mission to orbit. But, once they're done, they'll be eligible to man the first human mission to an asteroid, and even an exploration to Mars. You go, girls. (Telegraph)
Photo: Via NASA

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