A Truly World Wide Web — Brought To You By Google

The Internet has its drawbacks, but it has also made lots of information available to lots of people — lots, but not everyone. According to this Google video, in promotion of the tech giant's new initiative, Project Loon, for every person with an Internet connection, there are two without one. To that end, Google has launched 30 balloons about 12 miles above New Zealand to test a new method of bringing affordable Internet access to anyone and everyone.
Sure, being without Internet might sound like a #firstworldproblem, and it's easy to take a cynical view — just another way for the government to monitor your every move, one step closer to SKYNET (as one YouTube commenter actually points out). But when you think about the fact that it could do things like offer secondary education where it's not readily available or increase the efficacy of emergency preparedness worldwide, Project Loon starts to make sense. It's still very much in the early stages (so, don't call your ISP and cancel just yet), but as terrestrial obstacles and other kinks get worked out, this could be a very beneficial use of the wonders of technology.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Project Loon.

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