Aunt Becky And Uncle Jesse Almost Dated — And, Our Hearts Just Broke

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We've already confessed we lost our cool when Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder broke up in the '90s, but imagine how many buckets of tears we'd fill had Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky actually fallen in love and subsequently split up, too? It'd be a low point for sure. That being said, it almost happened (luckily — for our own sanity — it didn't).
In an interview with HuffPost Live, John Stamos confessed that Lori Loughlin "could be the one that got away." According to Loughlin, who spoke with HuffPost Live earlier this year, the "timing was always off." Loughlin was married during Full House, and when she divorced Michael Burns, Stamos started dating Rebecca Romijn. The two had gone on a date when they were in their late teens (to Disneyland, of all places), but nothing ever came of it. "She's one of my dearest friends," Stamos said, "and that's good enough."
"We were great friends...and we have chemistry," Loughlin said. Enough! Our notions of romantic destiny are being tried. It's worse than watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy. On the bright side, their Full House romance will live on forever in reruns — at least they can say they have that. (Us Weekly)

Image: Via Us Weekly; Courtesy of Tiffany Rose/

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