Here’s Every Beauty Trend From The Past Century In One Neat, Minute Long Package

From the Gatsby waves of the '20s and Rosie the Riveter's red bandana 'do, to the sleek, individual style of the '00s; the beauty trends we women have followed decade after decade is as fascinating and dense as our hair was underneath that '80s halo of hairspray. If you're having a hard time trying to rack your brain of what trend goes with which decade (those hairspray fumes were pretty potent), Procter & Gamble has it covered.
P&G's StyleUnited created a collage video documenting every beauty trend from the early 20th century up to today. It's a minute-long nostalgia trip that'll leave you feeling more fulfilled than combing through your old Facebook albums. Beginning today, viewers can vote for what product and look they believe should live on in infamy. The winning look will be thrown into a time capsule along with other 2013 memorabilia (Lady Gaga's $12K nail, maybe?) that's set to be re-opened in 2038. So our daughters will be able to look back and probably ask, "what were they thinking." They won't be the first: We've been wondering the same thing since the teased crimp. (Huffington Post)

Video: Courtesy of StyleUnited.

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