Parody Of A Parody: James Franco’s Most Meta Move Yet

Here's a meta-trip for your Wednesday: James Franco and the leading funny men from This Is The End are playing caricatures of caricatures of themselves in a parody epilogue to their new film. The comedy was modeled after MTV's cult favorite, The Real World. Let that sink in for a minute.
Alright, so, the world has ended, the party's over, and Emma Watson is nowhere to be found, but Franco's home is still intact, and a surviving Playboy Bunny has joined them because she managed to survive, too. In true Real World fashion, the cast stops being polite and starts getting real — maybe a little too real. Between going to the bathroom in the hot tub, on the couch, under the couch, and all over the house, the parody verges on the brink of nasty. But, whatever, we're going to be real here: If it's wrong to laugh at this, we don't want to be right.

Video: Courtesy of MTV.

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