Part-time Vegetarian — Yes, It’s Totally A Thing Now

It’s the 21st century, and it’s fair to say some of us have grown up a little spoilt, thanks to everything that’s now available. Fickle, we'll even dare to call it. With the rise of ultra-obscure diets and picky eaters, we can now welcome the demi-veggie. Seriously.
According to recent results, the "vegivore" diet is on the rise. For the uninitiated, that means veggies most of the time, but a sly kebab at the end of the night isn't off the cards. For those of us who flick between carnivore and herbivore, being a part-time vegetarian sounds like the optimum solution. We do our bit for the animals (most of the time), reap the health benefits of a veg-heavy diet, and, enjoy the delights of a bacon sarnie on Saturday mornings, too. Perfect, huh?
Responding to the changing times, this week, French chef Bruno Loubet opened a new restaurant, Grain Store, where it’s veg that takes priority on the plates. According to Loubet, the move toward eating our greens has been, “bubbling on the back burner." He explains, "People now feel they don’t know where their meat has come from… People are realising that there are a lot of beautiful vegetables available and that eating a lot of meat is not so good for your own health or for the health of the whole world.”
So, how do you weigh in — meat and two veg, or… just two veg? Or all meat all the time? (Evening Standard)
Photo: Via Grain Store

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