Our Beloved Clothes Show Is Back! To YouTube, That Is

Oh happy day! The U.K.’s much-loved style show, The Clothes Show, is back! But it’s not going to appear on our TV screens this time. Oh no, YouTube is going to have the privilege of showcasing the programme that really did introduce an entire generation to what went on in the world called Fashion.
The show ran from 1986 to 2000 and was loved for its presenters as much as its fashion content. For many, designer Jeff Banks and then fashion editor Caryn Franklin will always be associated with Sunday afternoon, watching the Clothes Show, and devouring all that the 25-minute programme had to offer.
While it appears that Jeff Banks won’t be making an appearance on this next step in the show’s evolution, Franklin has tweeted that she will be appearing on it. June 19 is the debut date. And we recommend subscribing to the channel so that you’ll be able to see the thrice-weekly shows filled with the latest news from the runway, red carpet, and design studio. We can’t state enough how excited we are. To get us in the mood, please sit back and watch a short clip from YouTube (of course) to remind you of how it used to be. That soundtrack still gives us goose bumps. (The Telegraph)
Photo: Via The Telegraph

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