Google’s New Campus Plans Are Pretty Wild — Literally

In case our Google or YouTube office tours didn’t make you green with envy, here’s a little bite of Silicon Valley scoop that'll definitely do the trick. According to Curbed, more details on Google’s new campus have been revealed. The colossal, 1.1 million square-foot project will tout a 42-acre campus, set on — wait for it — a wildlife wetland (for employee inspiration) with Google only taking over 5% — the rest of the land will be there for folks to relish in as they see fit.
Rumor has it that this is one of the highest LEED rating buildings around, with a strong focus on green initiatives. For example, while there will be roughly 4,000 employees, only 2,000 parking spots will be built, encouraging Googlers to bike to work. (An infinity loop that links to the other Mountain View office will also be in place, so peeps can peddle between the two seamlessly.) Stay tuned for more details as they unfold — we're all over this. (Curbed)

Photo: Via Caro Ramirez

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