We SO Called It: Grumpy Cat Now Has A Movie

Look, we aren't ones to name drop or flash star cred, but...we know Grumpy Cat. Like, we are buds with her. She calls us up on the telephone to tell us about the stuff she doesn't like, she hangs out with us when she's in New York, she gives us fashion advice about the trends that aren't worth smiling over. She's our pal. So, when we heard that she had signed a feature film, we were like, Girl, we knew you were going to be big.
Details are slim, but Grumpy's human counterpart, Tabatha Bundesen, gave us a bit of insight: She has no info on what the movie is going to look like or even when it'll come out. All she says is that they are definitely signed with a producer, and she guarantees that it'll be funny. Well, while aren't claiming to know what would be best for GC's big screen debut, we'd like to suggest the below as a bit of a jumping off point.

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