Lorac Founder Claims That Self-Hypnosis Cured Her Acne

We have tried some pretty crazy things in the name of banishing breakouts, but we can't say we've gone as far as Lorac founder Carol Shaw, who recently confessed to The Cut that she used self-hypnosis to cure her lifelong struggle with acne. As in, she envisioned herself as a woman with perfect skin and used mantras such as "The pimples are disappearing; I have beautiful clear skin." Shaw reports that she started self-hypnosis after meeting the late Pat Collins — a hypnotist who taught her the practice — and that after three of Collins' classes, her acne was gone.
Mmk. We are undecided as to whether or not we would try self-hypnosis to clear up our own annoying blemishes, but we say kudos to Shaw for finding a natural cure for her acne that apparently works for her (full disclosure: Shaw also admits to receiving microdermabrasion treatments, which have apparently also made a difference in her skin). New-age-y practices aside, we love that Shaw understands — from personal experience, no less — that good makeup application starts with healthy skin, which is why she formulates her foundation and concealer products without oils, fragrances, or parabens. Because what's the point of cover-up if it's just going to give us more zits? (The Cut)

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