Vaseline Armour: Brilliant & Effective, A Work Of Art, Or…A Bit Weird?

Okay, we hold our hands up. This is a bit weird, if you ask us. South Korean artist Jung-Ki Beak (who studied right here in London and Glasgow) has fashioned armour out of Vaseline petroleum jelly. As you do. It is alleged that he was inspired to make these “garments” after applying the balm to his chapped lips. Really?
While we admit to using this balm for many and varied purposes, we have to say that body armour has never crossed out mind. As Jung explains, “I make the armour as an art work as it is a symbol of protection, with Vaseline for the weak parts of the body such as head, hand, and chest. I thought that armour was suitable for representing the meaning of Vaseline as a function of protection.”
Protection indeed, though we might stick to applying it to our snagged cuticles and chapped skin. Just saying. (The Metro)

Photo: Via The Metro


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