The Carrie Effect (Or, Why Your Friend’s Home Looks So Familiar)

We love the characters from our favourite shows, but in a few cases, we like their flats even more. Seriously, if we could replicate Monica's digs from Friends, we'd call it a day. And apparently, we're not alone: A research study conducted by MORE TH>N revealed that British homeowners spend an average of £3.5 million on furniture and design features to match the sets of their favourite shows.
Wait, how much? According to the study, which surveyed 4.6 million homeowners in Britain, some of the shows we've come to know and love are also huge sources of inspiration for home decor. 31% of the surveyed homeowners reportedly spend an average of £3,836 to make their flats reminiscent of these shows.
It should be no surprise that the most popular of these sets is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex and the City, but is closely following SATC are Friends, Mad Men, and even The Only Way Is Essex. Check out the full report to feel officially less crazy for using your favourite sitcom as fodder for your Pinterest board. (Daily Mail)

Image: Via Daily Mail