Bold, Very Bold: The Most Ridiculous AP Test Answers, Ever

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Ah, to go back to the days of AP exams. All of that cramming, dozing off in class, and inevitable procrastinating boils down to this one test that will either propel you ahead of your future college classmates or be a complete waste of $89 (yeah, they're a little pricey).
In preparation for the AP season, the folks over at Reddit posted a thread asking exam graders to recall the most ridiculous answers they've ever reviewed, but it was mostly students who rose to the occasion, to hilarious results. Take this one response for example: "One of the most well-known gangsters in the 1920s was Al Gore." This is obviously wrong, but we can totally empathize with this test taker. Al Gore and Al Capone are almost the same thing when faced with a ticking clock and dozens of empty pages left to fill. Almost. Actually, the '20s seems to be a time period of particular difficulty: "Prohibition was a non-alcoholic drink recipe for disaster" and "procreation led to the creation of speakeasies" are proof enough of that. Now, if only Chuck Norris stories had some application in post-grad, 9-to-5 life — we'd be all set. (Business Insider).

Photo: Courtesy of CollegeBoard.

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