'Do-Over Alert: Rihanna Changed Her Hair...Again

Another day, another hairstyle for Rihanna. To be honest, it was only a matter of time before the pop starlet debuted a new 'do. She's been rocking the half-shaved head and dark Veronica Lake waves for a while now (which is about a month in RiRi land), and this platinum blonde bob is her way of rih-minding us she's still the style chameleon we've come to (mildly) obsess over.
Rihanna showed off the edgy new locks (and bangs!) last night in New York City, wearing leather pants, a denim jacket, and pointy flats. There's no word on whether or not this is a permanent dye-job (is it ever permanent with Rih?). She did have two photo shoots yesterday and could easily have asked to keep the wig for the night, but why fuss over that? With Rihanna's track record, this new look will be old news in a few weeks when she steps out with something equally as arresting. (E! Online)
rihanna opener
Image: via E! Online.

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