Oh. My. Gob. The Bluths' Frozen Banana Stand Pops Up In Real Life

Unless they turn the show into a documentary about watching paint dry, there's pretty much no possible way the upcoming Netflix-only Arrested Development reboot can be anything short of awesome. And even if they do mess it up, there's always money in the banana stand — literally, as we know all too well. So...in a stroke of marketing genius, the beloved family business will be popping up right here in London!
You might've seen it around already, as it launched on May 8 — but if not, keep your eyes peeled, because it'll reappear around the city on the 15th and the 21st. Our only question: Will George Michael and Maebe be working the counter? And, as their biggest fans, will they be giving us free bananas?
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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