Can’t Dig Online Dating? This Clothing Line Will Do It For You

Kickstarter has brought us a lot of great things. But this latest one, we're not so sure about. Gutzy Wear is seeking a financial boost in the form of $10,000 on the crowdsourcing site, in order to further expand its line of special singles-only clothing. According to the founder, when fellow singles see you wearing Gutzy's high-quality, always-flattering T-shirts, sweatpants, and the like, they will immediately know you're ready for a romp. Essentially, it's the Claddagh ring of sportswear.
And it gets better — technologically inclined singletons can sign up for a custom e-mail code that will be printed on the back of their shirt, directing interested parties to enter the code on Gutzy's website to find and contact the person in question (without revealing their personal information, we sincerely hope).
It's a cool idea, though we have to admit it's not the most fashion-forward of concepts. And it does seem like an easy way for your stalker to catfish you. What do you think? Had bad enough luck on OkCupid to try it out? (Kickstarter)

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Gutzy Wear.

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