Are These Really The "Most San Francisco Things That Ever Happened"?

Let’s be honest, we love Buzzfeed for its endless gaggle of witty, pictorial lists; we click on one and are suddenly vacuumed into spending gobs of time exploring. And, by now you've likely caught wind of “39 Most San Francisco Things That Ever Happened” circling around the web, in which the quirky site chronicles "the most outrageous things ever" (big statement, much?) to go down in this 7x7 city. No doubt, the reasons are hilarious — running the gamut from Ganja apps and Folsom Street Fair realness to SFO's Yoga Room — but, we're scratching our heads a bit about the authenticity of it all.
Are these really the most S.F. things to ever happen? Off the bat, a slew of commenters pointed out that many of these scenarios stretch all the way down to Silicon Valley — not exactly S.F. proper. That Cheese Board pic? Yep, that's a Berkeley institution! But hey, this roundup is still funny, so we can’t really hate. What do you make of it? Spot on or sensationally inaccurate? (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Via Buzzfeed

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