When It Comes To Designer Duds, Even Celebrities Get Sticky Fingers

It's common courtesy that when borrowing anything — be it a great dress for a night out or just a spare pen — you return it to the rightful owner in equally good or better condition. Okay, so a missing pen (although irritating) can be excused, but a destroyed $1,750 designer gown is a different story.
Not all celebrities are as respectful as the Knowles sisters are with their designer loans. Some "lose" their dresses (ahem, Katy Perry) and others "misplace" their jewels like supermodel Janice Dickinson. The New York Post rounded up seven of the most notorious celebrity red carpet borrowers, and some ladies on the list may (or may not) surprise you. Take, for example, self-proclaimed fashion obsessive and friend to designers Lady Gaga, who reportedly returned a Mugler dress in a very sad state. Others, like Mariah Carey, can be excused because honestly, we might chop a floor length gown into a mini dress, too, if our legs were insured for a billion dollars. (The New York Post)

Image: via The New York Post.

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