Think You Love Coffee? The Most Caffeinated Countries In The World Beg To Differ

Do you have a superiority complex when it comes to coffee? No, we're not just talking about your addiction to beans that ring in at a price well above what most people would call reasonable, but your insistence that you drink more coffee than anyone because OMG, it's New York, we're all really busy and addicted to caffeine! It's okay, we've been there, guilty of that particular Big Apple stereotype. But apparently, it's not even a little bit true. When it comes to kilograms of coffee consumed per capita, per year, this handy interactive map is proof that we're sadly lacking not only in NYC, but in America overall.
At only 4.2 kgs annually per person, we're well behind Canada, Brazil, and most of Europe — and miles away from the mountains of coffee beans consumed annually in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Iceland. Forget about math and science, we need to start spending more on caffeine education for American youths. Give it to 'em after nap time, get them hooked early, and soon we'll be leading the globe. Just kidding. Don't do that. (Via Dish)
Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks; Graphic: Via

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