"Back To Black" Again: Listen To Bey's Amy Winehouse Cover Here

It's safe to assume this cover, produced for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, will make a lot of people mad — this is sacred Amy-Winehouse territory. You've probably heard snippets before, but this is the full version (with some totally-not-annoying-at-all promotional overlay from East Village Radio, whence this premiere comes). But as much as we love Bey and Andre 3000, we're siding with the superfans. Even though Andre 3000's part is pretty cool, Beyoncé doesn't add much (though Mitch Winehouse disagrees). Amy's voice is inimitable and lends a certain gravitas that feels absent here. What do you think? Are you ready to accept this tribute, or currently burning your Bey shrine?
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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