"OMG" Was First Used During WWI, And Other Random Phraseology You Need To Know, FYI

You know the feeling: You get online ready to be all productive and such, and suddenly you find yourself spiraling into Internet wonderland. Come to think of it, Lewis Carroll may have been foreshadowing our present-day addiction to our gadgets when he sent Alice beyond the looking glass. Anyway, after stumbling past cat memes and umpteen Real Housewives GIFs, we came across something of real interest.
We know you've lost hours of sleep wondering why the heck people say "What's up?" to start a conversation, or what sort of existential crisis had befallen the person who first felt the need to abbreviate "OMG" and "WTF?." Well, the Internet (a.k.a. Buzzfeed, they're the same thing obviously) has figured it out for you with this handy two-minute video factoid. It's all you need to impress the object of your flirtation at this weekend's spring-fever party. Warning: Use these bits of knowledge sparingly, you don't want to show off too much. (BuzzFeed)
Video: Courtesy of BuzzFeed.

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