There’s More To Being A Celebrity Sober Companion Than Babysitting

Whether you're keen to admit it or not, we're all fascinated with the celebrity train wreck. Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, and Amanda Bynes are just a few celebs the media has literally hounded during their respective low points and binges. But, headlines and chaos aside, we have to wonder where is their support system? Do they even have someone looking out for them? The answer is: yes. And, these celebrity sober companions (yep, that's a real occupation) could quite possibly have one of the most demanding jobs in Hollywood.
A chemical-dependency specialist opened up to The Hollywood Reporter and revealed that being a celebrity sober companion is more than playing babysitter. "We are an unusual combination of personal assistant and counselor in a connection that resembles a friendship," one anonymous companion said. Their hours extend well beyond the 9-to-5 grind, and often remain with a client through the course of filming; sometimes monitoring their every move to keep them sober until they can check into rehab. They keep the client in check, make sure they're up on time, take their medications, hit the gym, and even sleep in the same bedroom. They also play the role of matchmaker, finding their clients supportive friends.
Although the companions rake in hefty paychecks, dine at fancy restaurants, and stay in five-star hotels their job can wear them down. "It takes a vigilance to maintain a sense of self," a companion said. There's probably a lot more to their jobs than they've revealed, and while we're curious to know every detail just as we undoubtedly peruse through the tabloids to "kill time," it's probably best we give them the space they and their clients deserve. Goodness knows they've got enough on their plates. (Radar)
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Image: via The Hollywood Reporter.


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