We Can’t Wait To Break Bread At The New Potato Chips Deli

Restauranteur Steven Arroyo must have been a musical-chairs champ back in the day, because his latest venture — reopening his beloved Potato Chips Deli — is another swoop-and-win for the Beverly-based entrepreneur.
Yes, the deli's combo of classic cold-cut sammie and nostalgia-inducing bagged chips is back, but not without a few switcheroos in real estate. If you remember, Arroyo opened the deli next door to Cobras & Matadors (which later shut down). Then came Escuela Taqueria located 'round the corner on Stanley Avenue, followed by La Otra Taqueria Escuela in the former C&M space (with vintage shoe forms covering the ceiling). Potato Chips was shuttered and redone into Pigeon, a must-hit for vintage home furnishings (also owned by Arroyo, who wears many hats!). Phew. Are you keeping up?!
Anyhow, it seems like the native Angeleno heard our cries (or, rather, our bellies) so, he has decided to bring back the popular lunch spot in Escuela Taqueria's old home on North Stanley Avenue. Reintroducing the spicy-salami, meatball, and Italian subs to the rotation will be heavenly — whether you're chowing down next to the maritime-themed paintings inside the eatery, or via a to-go bag at the beach (with a Mexican Coke in-hand, natch). Yes, we're totally ready to step up to the plate! (Daily Candy)

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