WATCH: PSY’s Got Some Serious Swag In His Newest Video

We have to hand it to PSY: The guy can do a music video. The Korean phenom is the new master of over-the-top eye candy packed into a tight three minutes. You may remember his first video, that one that could possibly have been the most important music video of 2012, the one that made it somewhat okay to gallop in place at the club, the one little song called "Gangnam Style." Well, PSY's back , and he's taken the whole "dress classy, dance cheesy" mindset of "Gangnam Style" to a whole new level of nerd-ball-cool.
"Gentleman" is a tongue in cheek exploitation of masculinity in hip-hop. Normally seeing a guy be a jerk just doesn't go down easy with us, but PSY's self-deprecating humor turns it around. More power to the guy for shamelessly making a fool of himself.
Now, this is no "Gangnam Style" (honestly, what can top that?) but it's not a sophomore slump, either. His new dance isn't quit as goofy, but at least there is some pony-galloping going on. Have to have the pony-galluping.

Video: Courtesy of YG Entertainment Inc.

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