It’s Official: We’re Entering The Gilded Age Of Tricked-Out Tech HQs

It’s no secret that here in gadget-landia working for one of the techie trifecta companies — Apple, Google, or Facebook — comes with an all-star list of pluses. But, apparently, having world-class gyms, gourmet catered meals, and massage therapists on site just isn’t cutting it for these firms. A recent Business Insider article explores the future “perk-laden” headquarter blueprints of the aforementioned companies, and reveals everything from Apple’s plans to include an orchard (what?) for employees to wander to Facebook’s Disney-inspired Main Street, complete with a bike shop and sushi resto. Don’t get us wrong, we love ourselves some frills, but an Apple orchard, for real?
In light of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent push for improved office camaraderie and productivity, we can see a larger move among the tech super-companies to re-invent office spaces in a way that energizes and excites its employees. While “spaceship headquarters” complete with mobile-snack stations probably do a hell of a job recruiting top talent, we have to ask, are these multi-billion-dollar tech campuses verging on excess? What do you think of the Bay's tricked-out HQ culture and its impact on productivity and creativity in the work place? (Business Insider)

Photo: Via Business Insider

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