7 Girl Groups That Could've Been Destiny's Child...But Weren't

Hey guys, remember the '90s? They were a simpler time, when our outfits (and our socks!) never had to match; our Friday nights were best spent with the Tanners, the Winslows, and the Lambert/Fosters; and Beyoncé actually was a single lady. Besides the totally mind-blowing yet probably cancer-causing snacks (Gogurt! Kudos! Lunchables!), our most precious memories of the decade consist of none other than pop music. No matter how cool we all claim to be today, we can't deny there was at least one group/song/lead singer that moved us to tears as we belted the lyrics in our overly-postered bedrooms.
While most '90s children (both literal and spiritual identifiers) solidly belong to one boy-band camp or another, here at R29 we're all about the girl power — so, we're taking a trip down memory lane with our favorite girl groups. And, no, we're not talking Destiny's Child or TLC, here — we're reminiscing about those one-hit wonders who never made it past their 15 minutes. So, ladies leave your men at home and come on this journey with us.
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Hit/Breakout Song: "Bring It All To Me"

This girl group, who's name stands for Believing, Life, Achieving, Quest, Unity, Everything (deep!), started off on a big note — they were signed to Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes' production company (may she rest in peace, along with Blaque member Natina Reed who passed away last year). During their short reign (approximately one year by our careful calculations), they were known not only for their total badass-ness, but also for rocking those sleeves that aren't connected to the rest of your shirt. After the whole music thing didn't really work out, the ladies went on to play members of the Clovers in Bring It On. I said brr, it's cold in here!

Photo: Chris Farina/Corbis.
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Hit/Breakout Song: "He Loves U Not"

It was a hard decision to include Dream in this roundup, because we see them as so much more than a one-hit wonder (one day, we may even admit to having every track from "It Was All A Dream" on our workout playlist). But, we soon realized that few others felt the same connection to Diana and the rest of P. Diddy's girl gang that we do did. While we could wax poetic on their roster of hot jams (remind us why "Mr. Telephone Man" didn't get a Grammy nod?), we'll simply say that these girls had some serious flow.

Photo: Erik C. Pendzich/Rex USA.
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Hit/Breakout Song: "No More (Baby I'ma Do It Right"

Before Adrienne Bailon was breaking Rob Kardashian's heart (and even before she was a Cheetah girl), she was a card-carrying member of 3LW — short for 3 Little Women, duh. Their "No More" was a movement against all those philandering fellas whose pagers kept blowing up with different numbers, and 3LW finally had the courage to say "playa, please." While the group didn't survive a switch to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def label, their message has helped women everywhere stand up and say "I can do bad all by myself."

Photo: Frank Trapper/Corbis.
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Hit/Breakout Song: "C'Est La Vie"

This Irish foursome got their start topping the charts in the UK, and eventually made their way over to huff, puff, blow you away in the US. Their big claim to fame was opening for *NSYNC on tour, and you may also recognize their musical stylings from the theme song of Sabrina: The Animated Series, or the Bring It On soundtrack. The group tragically split when member Sinéad O'Carroll dropped out, but, c'est la vie.

Photo: Andre Csillag/Rex USA.
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S Club 7

Hit/Breakout Song: "S Club Party" (Honorable mention: "Never Had A Dream Come True")

Okay, so S Club 7 technically had three male members, but the band's coordinated parachute pants and classic poses are too good to overlook. While every pop star had their standby (The chin grab! The point-and-pout!), it seemed that every time S Club 7 found themselves in front of a camera they instantly fell into perfect formation. Sure, they had some hit songs and tons of music video air time between shows on the Disney Channel, but we'll always remember the poses.

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All Saints

Hit/Breakout Song: "Never Ever"

All Saints may claim the most infamous song intro of all the girl bands...it's not singing, it's not rapping, but damn, it works. The four-girl group was one of the most popular bands of the '90s in the UK, but sadly our American exposure barely made it past their first hit. Was it that we never paid enough attention? Or did we not give enough affection? Either way, we're going out of our minds.

Photo: KEN McKAY/Rex USA.
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Hit/Breakout Song: "Where My Girls At"

Thanks to a little help from Missy Elliot, "Where My Girls At" hit number four on the Billboard charts. It's the ultimate "back off my man" ballad — it may not be a feminist anthem, but it sure is catchy. We like to play it to ourselves whenever we catch coeds giving our BFs wayward glances in the East Village.

Photo: Courtesy of Motown Records.

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