Too Good For Words: The Only Easter Recipe You’ll Ever Need

For most folks, Easter — or whatever other candy-giving holiday you might celebrate, even if that's just the ever-sacred occasion of a Friday afternoon — consists mainly of mass-produced chocolates whose most unique traits center around that faint staleness you can't help but detect. And sure, some of us might spring for fancy truffles on occasion... But this? This is one a whole new level.
We're talking about homemade Cadbury Creme eggs. Yeah, you read that correctly. At first, we didn't think it could be done, but the recipe looks reasonably doable (though it certainly requires a lot of patience and some special ingredients). It wouldn't do to reprint here when there's so much detailed goodness to be had over at Food52, so go check it out. Then whip up a batch and report back! By the way, if you don't see us online for a few hours, it's because we made a huge mess in the office kitchen trying to make these on our lunch hour.

Photos: Ashley Rodriguez/Courtesy of Food52.

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