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The World’s Worst Hair? It Might Be In Your City!

We can't say we're surprised that Chicago was ranked the worst U.S. city for hair — all that dry cold, bitter wind, and humidity is a recipe for bad hair days. Luckily, we know plenty of locals who manage to look great in spite of it all. But what about the other 9 on this list? It looks like no matter where you live, you're a potential victim to less-than-luscious locks. Even salon-heavy NYC and L.A. made it on the list (too many chemicals, perhaps?). These, according to research done by Head & Shoulders as part of promotion for its new Damage Rescue collection, are the worst places for your strands to stay (according to the subjects of the poll themselves, who all considered their hair to be in need of some serious S.O.S.):

1. Chicago

2. Los Angeles

3. New York City

4. Philadelphia

5. Houston

6. Dallas

7. Atlanta

8. San Francisco

9. Washington, D.C.

10. Boston

Even more interesting than all that is the causes of this widespread damage. All three are things we can't help but do on a daily basis! The best thing you can do to stop it? Make sure you're using the right stuff for your hair type, and don't forget to condition. And if the damage is particularly bad, you might even consider going without shampoo for a while. There's hope for you yet, no matter your ZIP code.

Images: Courtesy of Head & Shoulders.