Cleaning Your House Just Became 100x More Fun

You love your dog, but you hate your broom. Yes, we've all been to that place where one dark thought comes to mind: What if I could combine the two? A super-powerful dog-broom hybrid that would conquer the world? Anyone? Bueller?
Well, regardless of whether or not you're crazy enough to dream up such a combo, it exists — sort of. It's actually an empty prank box, but we're pretending it's real for now (though we'll admit we were fooled at first). The dream product is aptly called Pet Sweep (Animal-Powered Debris Removal System). Pretty self-explanatory, and yet, we still have a few questions. First of all, why? Second of all, how? Third of all, when are they making a human version?
We're not really into the idea of putting our dogs to work as cleaning robots — plus, while some dogs don't mind wearing shoes, others might be pretty disturbed by it. However, we would gladly accept a hybrid double set of human/dog sweeper shoes to make this a fun activity for man, woman, child, and canine. Because it's only united as one that we can rise above our Roomba overlords and achieve freedom for all. It should also be noted that something horrible called the Pet Plow also exists for "purchase." This is clearly very uncomfortable for any creature and we do not recommend, but if you insist, check it out after the jump. (DesignBoom)
Photo: Courtesy of Todd Lawson's PetSweep.

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