Diane Keaton Talks Beauty & What It Means To Her, Reveals Inherent Awesomeness

While paid celebrity endorsements don't usually mean too much to us — it's easy to say you absolutely looove something when someone is paying you a bajillion dollars to promote it — there are a few celebs whose opinions actually mean something to us. Ellen DeGeneres, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, and even Jennifer Aniston (hey, she held off on endorsing any products for over a decade, even though brands were practically busting down her door to get her to sign with them) are all pretty trustworthy in our books. But, our fave celebrity pitchwoman has to be the incomparable Diane Keaton.
There's just something about her that seems authentic, and in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video for L'Oréal — for whom Keaton is a spokesperson — we can see why. In it, Keaton talks about the brand's tagline, "Because you're worth it," and what it and beauty in general means to her. As expected, it's thoughtful, insightful, uplifting, and generally adorable, revealing what we always knew about Keaton: She is an all-around awesome human being.
It just goes to show that having one believable, genuine celebrity promoting your product can be more valuable and reflect better on a brand than a stable of flash-in-the-pan, substance-free starlets. Just sayin'.

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