Afternoon LOL: What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Beauty Ad

Forget your afternoon coffee addiction — this video will pick you right up! In the same vein as Women Laughing Alone With Salad, this behind-the-scenes spoof of all those interchangeably boring beauty ads has us in stitches. Peaches! Refreshing! Suds! Ha-ha-ha-happiness!
We've always wondered how the actresses and models in beauty commercials get so much joy from splashing water on their faces and scrubbing themselves with a loofah. Why can't we have that much fun in the shower? Apparently we've been loofah-ing all wrong. Sigh. But honestly, this probably isn't that far off — though we like to think our favorite brands would never be so neurotic on set. Is it just us, or is that constant rubbing making the skin on your shoulder feel weird? Invigorating, indeed. (Huffington Post)

Image via The Huffington Post.

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