This Is The Most Heartwarming Thing On The Internet Today

No, it's not a cat in a rabbit suit or pugs in pom-pom hats sledding. It's a very beautiful, personal tale that starts out in an alarming, potentially tragic way. As Manhattan playwright Peter Mercurio tells in this O. Henry story written into life, it began with a frantic phone call from his boyfriend, Danny Stewart, who had found a newborn baby in the Eighth Avenue A/C/E subway station. “I found a baby!” Stewart yelled. “I called 911, but I don’t think they believed me. No one’s coming. I don’t want to leave the baby alone.”
Eventually, the police and the courts did intervene, but perhaps not in the ways you might expect. Frankly, we'd rather not say much more as the tale, and its improbable ending, are worth not spoiling. It's been shared before (in the pages of Parenting), but never as well. It's a good week-ending reminder of how far we've come in this country (and, specifically, this state) and, that even with the worst beginnings, some stories do have happy — albeit tear-jerking — endings. (New York Times)

Photo: Courtesy of The New York Times