Uncanny: Lena Dunham's Fake Audition For Zero Dark Thirty

Lena Dunham has been subjected to an enormous amount of criticism since she came on the scene, and to her credit, she's put up with it incredibly well. So, as someone with a highly developed ability to laugh at herself and create art from her flaws, we'd like think she'd find the about-to-be viral video of a fake Dunham, Chelsea Davison, "auditioning" for Zero Dark Thirty, pretty frigging funny.
It definitely gets a little hairy at times, especially when the subject of her frequent on-screen nudity inevitably comes up. But, there's no denying this impression (not endorsed by Dunham herself) is spot-on, from the intonations to the quirkily-scripted sentence structure and even the outfit. In fact, we're definitely spending the next 20 minutes trying to imagine what would happen if Dunham suddenly plopped into the middle of the dead-serious Oscar-nominated film.
Image: Via Columbia Pictures; Video: Courtesy of Chelsea Davison/YouTube.

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