Meet The 18-Year-Old Photo Prodigy Who's Changing The Fashion Industry

So, the weekend is over and all you have to show for yourself is a depleted bank account and a mild second-day hangover. While it's easy to fall into an early-week slump (why would we work late or hit the gym when we can just crawl into bed at 7 p.m.?), we've got the ultimate motivational story: Enter Olivia Bee, the 18-year-old photography prodigy, who has already shot campaigns for Nike, Hermès, and the like.
The Oregon native, who now resides in Brooklyn (self-sufficiently, we might add!), has been behind the lens for seven years now, and turned professional at the age of 15. In addition to being featured in galleries all over the world, the phenom recently shot Girls star Zosia Mamet for The New York Times Magazine — seriously.
So, just how did Olivia manage to break her way into the biz? Plain hard work and perseverance. "Nothing gets in my way, because I don't accept anything getting in my way," she told a TedX conference in Amsterdam. How's that for some inspiration? Read Olivia's full story over at The Guardian, and keep this feisty lady in mind the next time you've got a lack of motivation. (The Guardian)
Photo: Via Guardian

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